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Divine Feminine Energy Candle, 5oz

Divine Feminine Energy Candle, 5oz

Feminine Qualities- intuition, nurturing, healing, gentle, expressive, wise, patient, emotional, flexible

The Divine Feminine Candle is scented with Açaí & Palmwood essential oils.

The Divine Feminine is what allows us to just "be." It is "powerful, loving, and caring," and allows faith, trusting deep inner knowing and higher intuition. It allows us to take our time with observations. "She" discovers her way from the inside, by feeling wisdom, love, and freedom from within. She is "magnetic" and "attracts everything she wants" simply by knowing that it is already hers; this allows for the manifestation of her dreams. The Wounded Feminine, on the other hand (the feminine energy when it is not in its full power or has been subject to trauma), demonstrates "desperation" and "neediness."

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